What is Strands from the Heart?

Strands from the Heart is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization that builds and repairs self-esteem for children and adults in an effort to enhance confident living by providing custom wigs and hair pieces. Children diagnosed with illnesses are sometimes bullied because of the physical appearance resulting from their treatment. This can lead to low self esteem, which can cause individuals to lose their focus in developing social and emotional skills. There is not a local non-profit organization in the state of Nebraska that provides custom human hair wigs for kids of all nationalities. Children that look and feel good about themselves are better focused on their education.

Sonia Johnson CEO/Founder

Sonia Johnson, a native of Chicago, IL. began her journey in the world of beauty at a young age. She learned how to master hairstyles and hair extensions, techniques that were not offered at Stewarts Beauty College where she attend in Omaha Ne. in 1989.

In 1997 cancer befell Sonia's friend Connetta Cobb mother Christine Cobb. This once vibrant woman's self-esteem began to seriously decrease due to hair loss, during the chemotherapy phase of her cancer treatments.

As most individuals who are faced with unforeseen circumstances they learn first hand human hair wigs can be very expensive. Sonia wanted to help bring back the vibrant person she knew. So she found a way to create a wig that looked as natural as possible for Mrs. Cobb. Not only did this restore her beauty, but also enhanced her dignity. It was made with love with hair purchased by her daughter, and no monetary expectation Mrs. Cobb provided a donation without request and this is how Strands from the heart was established.

Christine Cobb lost her battle to breast cancer due to complications in 1999.

Later Sonia moved to Az. In 2008 she volunteered at Banner Good Samaritan Hospital and Face in the Mirror, a non profit organization that boost self esteem for cancer patients, One of Sonia's custom made wigs was featured on Fox news in Phoenix AZ.

Sonia moved to Omaha Ne. in 2013 when she learned her best friend Lorraine Robertson was diagnosed with breast cancer.

She knew that one of her purposes in life was to help build and restore self esteem to those in need. This compassionate act was designed to assist cancer patience. An intangible asset needed to fight this disease.

Christine Cobb Our Inspiration!
( She was a Amazing Women! )

*May 16th 2014 Strands From The Heart Organization was formed.

Director/ Lorraine Robertson

Director/Project Manager Traci Morgan